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Trip to Singapore - Junhosu Showcase

It’s been a long time since I went to Singapore 29 April - 02 May 2010 (4D/3N) but I just want to share my stories. That day I was so tempting to go because Junsu will be there too in Zuno Showcase as a guest so me with mb nessa decided to go to Singapore to see that showcase, so we asked mb er to book our flights. After few days we told demay & otonk about our plans then they want to join us too. At that time, Universal Studio was just opened so we really want to go there coz it will be fun but me & mb nessa were so confusing because we will be there to see tht showcase. So due to minimalize budget we have to decide between Universal Studio or Junhosu Showcase. After some considerations we decided to go to USS but luckily 1 day before our departure, our friend, Shaine give us 2 free tickets so we can go. I feel so blessed at that time coz we can go to both place. And I feel more lucky coz Junho & Junsu will arrive at the same day with us but just in different terminal. 

Day 1 - Thursday, 29 April 2010
We went with Air Asia (round trip IDR 548.000). There were 6 persons in this trip, me, mb nessa with her mom, otonk, demay & endah (mb nessa’s friend). When we just arrived we so  in a rush coz we got delayed and we’re on different terminal with Junhosu so we ran out to Terminal 1, Demay already waited there. But wow..Changi Airport was great, okay back to topic we contacted demay & she said c’mon hurry up, their flight already arrived. Fortunately we didn’t late so we sat there and waiting for them. I can’t believe I was there waiting for Junsu-TVXQ. Start from dancer who came out first and suddenly we shout hey that’s Junho. We didn’t see clearly for the first time coz he really look a like junho but when we see more closer, that’s not him but suddenly Junsu came out with airport car *gasp* I was so surprised coz I can see him so closer. Me all of sudden try to run after junsu followed by mb nessa & otonk in my back and there were 2 fangirls too. It’s so tired to chasing Junsu. I almost lost him but I don’t want to give up so I keep chasing them and when he already too far away I tried to cut my way even I don’t know I will right or not but thanks God, I was right. Now junsu in front of me and his car will toward into me. I’m ready with my phone to took his video, I just said “Bye..Junsu” when I see him for the first time is “Always Keep The Faith~” After that I waited them after immigration, it’s just me & demay, demay go to took her luggage and here I am alone to wait Junhosu. Others went back to Terminal 2 to get their suitcase n pick up mba nessa’s mom. After few minutes here they are!!! Junhosu!!! Omooo~ I can’t believe I was so close with them..hihihii..there were so many fans out there but lucky me I don’t have to join that crowd :D when I search on Youtube realated with their departure in Changi, I can see myself too ^^ feel so lucky caught up in one frame with Junhosu.  Demay was late so she can’t see them, after hours in airport we went to apartment, People’s Park Centre (120sgd/nite/6persons). After we washed our face, we decided to look around so we go to Clarke Quay. Took pictures, having our late meals, chit chat til the shop closed ^^ we back at 2 am. I love the Apt location coz when we go down is MRT Chinatown directly. I went to Singapore on 29 April-2 May 2010, we arrived at Apt around 11 pm. I made itinerary for this trip.

>> waiting Junhosu

>> Junhosu arrived with KE 641

>> I was in their back followed them after they came out from immigration, so i took their pic from the back, felt so lucky at that time ^___^

 >> at Clarke Quay, look around, stayed at cafe til closed, we went back apt around 2 am :D

Day 2 - Friday, 30 April 2010
On 30 April we went to Universal Studio because ticket price in weekdays are more cheaper 66sgd (inc 10sgd meal + 5sgd merchandise) it’s really fun to go there. Because we live at Chinatown so it’s so easy to go anywhere & close too. We go to Vivo City and buy ticket to Sentosa Island with Sentosa Express (Train 3sgd/person) plus we order “Song of The Sea” ticket for 7.40pm show (10sgd). we came too early so we just took photos in that Universal Studio globe, ticket lockets etc. When it opened we start from the left, it’s so fun and the place was not too crowded. Shrek 4D, Revenge of Mummy Returns (3 times coz it’s so awesome, roller coaster indoor), Jurassic Park, Water World, Hollywood Theater, Steven Spielberg Studio and so many things. We ate near Jurassic Park with less than 10sgd (use voucher) we all so full coz the size is big, burger, cola & french fries. Took photos with Universal Studio Characters such as Kungfu Panda, Betty Bobs, Woody Woodpecker etc. I bought USS t-shirt around 20sgd but I just paid around 9sgd coz I have voucher. USS open from around 9am-6pm, aaa they have drink water refill in few spots. So no worry about it, we can save our money to not buy a drink. After USS we want to watch Song of The Sea so because we still have time, we were planning to go to first Merlion in SG and we took Sky ride to Song of The Sea, I was lil’ bit scaried to took that ride. When we arrived at Song of The Sea, we looking for good spots and wait til the show begin. At that time, the place was full. The show was like 45 minutes, and it was beautiful to see colourful fountain with laser. Greattt!!! Cool!! If I go to SG I will watch again because the price is not too expensive. After we finished to watch Song of the Sea we took Sentosa Express to go back to vivo city and get MRT, the train was so crowded, it was looooong queue. From Sentosa Island, we still have time and decided to go to Little India, Mustafa, so we took MRT to little india then walked til mustafa. Omooo~ it’s really far from MRT to mustafa. Mustafa was so crowded too. I didn’t interested with mustafa, didn’t like the atmosphere. Because it’s already nite so we took taxi to go home.

>> we went to USS by Sentosa Express, from Sentosa Station, Vivo City

>> I took this pic inside the train


>> great place & so much fun there ^^

>> ride for 3 times...i loveeeee it :D

>> Stand By You Cover wannabe ^o^

>> we took Soak Zone at Water World hihii

>> cute Kungfu Panda, i took a lot of photos with it.

>>  we tried the hats..

>> 1st Merlion in Singapore

>> I felt lil bit scared with this Skyride ^^;

>> Song of The Sea, the laser fountain was sooo beautiful ^___^

Day 3 - Saturday, 01 May 2010
Next day we’re planning to go to Merlion (SG symbol) the weather is so hot! After merlion demay+otonk not in the same rute with us coz they want to go to Ikea whereas we want to go to Bugis then go to Sentosa again to watch Junhosu Showcase. At Bugis, mb nessa & her mom have appointment to meet their relations at Bugis Junction, we ate at foodcourt, I ate rice with side dishes & vegetables around 4sgd inc.drink. after we finished, we go to Bugis Street, aigooo I love this place, the place look a like chacktuchak market in thailand but more small. So I bought many things here, Watch for my lil sis & bro @10sgd, cute pendant 20sgd/3, shawl 10sgd/2, clothes @8-10sgd, slipper etc. Finished, then we go back to Apt and get ready to meet Junhosu ^___^. We met Shaine & her friends at Vivo City then we took bus to go to Sentosa Island (2sgd). Resort Sentosa Centre, the same area like USS. The showcase begin and we enjoyed the show, anw I met Lola & Yaya onni too. Fortunately we can bring pocket camera so we can recorded that show or took pictures, We waited for Junsu. When there are slideshow about Junsu, everybody are screaming. Woww power of Cassiopeia!!! Hihihii finally when Junsu came out, most of them are screaming inc. us kkk xDD I hears few people shout “Park Yoochun!!” on the back. He sang “Greatest of Love of All” but sounds like “Greites Lopopol” hihii junchaaan, just 1 song. When I see him I missed the others 4. But I felt so lucky because I can come. After Junhosu Showcase, we went to Ochard and meet Demay. She is alone coz otonk meet her friends, demay ate ttopoki & etc. I just remembered about ttopoki :D. Aaaa..before we met demay, we ate ice cream..i loveeee that ice cream, only 1 sgd, the taste is so variance, I choose red bean at that time and it was so nyummy. In indonesian like “es potong”. So we stayed at Orchard til mall will closed then we go outside and took pictures like crazy, on box telephone, street, car exhibition while waiting otonk. That was so fun..hahaha..that was the last nite coz tom we will go back to Jkt. We got morning flight, huhuhuuu I love that country ^^

>> Merlion!! Singapore symbol, must come here if you go to SG ^^

>> Esplanade

>> Bugis Street, good place to shopping :D

>> Junhosu Showcase!!

>> Me, Mb Nessa, Endah, Shaine with her sister & friends, Sab, Ian, nice to meet all of them 

>> Junho is so handsome, hihi

>> This is it, the one that we've been waiting for..Junchan, TVXQ!!!

>> Lovely twins ^____^

 >> at Orchard

Day 4 - Sunday, 02 May 2010
In the morning we just can breakfast, coz all already packed at nite. Demay stay more longer coz she has meeting there but she will move to her hotel. So just 5 of us will go back, we took MRT coz it’s the cheapest way to go to airport just 2sgd. If I have a chance I want come again.

>> MRT Station

>> at Changi waiting for boarding to Jkt 

Itinerary Singapore 4D/3N :


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