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Trip to Bangkok - TVXQ Mirotic Concert

Always Keep The Faith, Cassie~ ^^
I knew them & ♥ them since October '07 until now..I already saw their concert too, and that was amazing experience for me because there was so many first time for me. My first time to go overseas, passport, plane, concert. I went to Mirotic Concert BKK at 27-28 June 2009. The trip was unforgettable in my life, 25-29 June 2009 (5D/4N). I met them 3 times, 26 in their presscon at Central World then 27-28 at the Day. Thanx God to let it happened in my life ^^
For everything that happened nowadays I just wanna say I will "Always Keep The Faith"
Here the details :

Actually this is what I wanna do first but trust me this is gonna be long long long & long story, I already wrote it down in my diary but I want to share about this on my blog. The journey start when I knew them for the first time, TVXQ, they’ve changed my life, so many changes in my life because of them. So 25-29 June 2009, that was amazing trip that I will never ever forget, amazing trip, amazing companions, amazing concert, amazing boys, amazing TVXQ. That was my first time go overseas, made passport, take a flight, watch concert, see them in real, perform LIVE in front of me, Dong Bang Shin Ki – TVXQ – 동방신기. Because of them, this trip exist, can’t believe I made that decision. When I thought if I go there it’s gonna spend around 6-7 million, I want cancel it & at that time I really hoping they will hold concert at Malaysia because the budget can be lower, maybe enough with 3 million but when I talked with mb ness, she said that to go thai 4 million is enough & after many considerations I decided to go. I felt regret coz I don’t saving money, finally since March/ February I decide to save 1,5 million/month. At that situation I keep survive to live penny, I can’t hang out with my friends on weekend, can’t buy something & every day I always bring my own lunch or buy for max. IDR 5,000. Whereas I usually hang out on weekend, buy sour sally or sushitei when I really want it, shoes etc. That’s why I don’t have money on my account. I worked at fX since 11 August 2008 before I got my graduation ceremony on 24 August 2008. Actually I had plan with my friends [Indie, Anggie, Cya] to go to Thailand-Malaysia-Singapore at the end of that year, to celebrate New Year together. But because they already announced about the concert so I have to postpone it. At the beginning of May, we booked the flight tic with Air Asia, we got IDR 1,402,000 & felt more lucky because Otonk help me to book this flight tic with her cc. I don’t have enough money at that time, thanx tonk ^^. There were 6 persons to join this trip, me, mb ness, otonk, nopha & 2 more girls that I never met or known before. We just talked through email conference. Their name is demay & ernie, they helping us to find hotel where we gonna stay at, but near with Dusit Thani because we heard the boys will stay at that hotel. We got Jim Lodge but we find another hotel, the price was same but more near with Dusit, Regent Silom Serviced Apartment. We stayed at that hotel, IDR 862,000/person/4 nights. We booked 2 rooms. That time I was scared to get permission from my manager because I haven’t yet get my right to take leave. But finally when I asked her permission, she say yes..omoo so happy with that news ^^ I told her the truth about watch TVXQ concert at Bangkok, I can’t believe she act so nice that time because I think she looks scary ^^; anyway she told that she will give me my leave in advance so they don’t have to give unpaid leave. Manager done, finally I tell my mom about my plan to go to Bkk but she haven’t give permission, she really mad at me, and til 1 day before I want to go, she still said no, too much sobbing, tears at that night to have her permission and finally I got it!! She finally knew about the concert for 2 days that I’m gonna watch. For the concert tic we tried to ask chompoo, one of otonk’s partner, admin from syc, she is thai. Otonk asked her to buy on pre-order 6-10 May 2009, I request for AR zone to get closer with Yunho. So I took standing in AR 4500 baht for 1st day & seating zone in 1500 baht for 2nd day. Total for concert tic is IDR 2,080,000 I feel totally no regret at all.
My Bags~
Preparation to Mirotic Concert

Day 1 - Thursday, 25 June 2009
Finally I will go to BKK, we meet at airport, finally we meet demay & ernie for the first time. We have diff seats each other, I was scared because this is my first time. When the plane took off, I can’t believe I’m gonna fly with that thing. I just prayed a lot in that plane, it was sunny day, good weather, our flight was 16:20 for 3,5 hours. When I arrived I can’t believe I’m on THAILAND!!!! I will breathe the same air like Yunho!! *kyaaa okay I’m getting crazy. I already browsing about thai and it helps, wohooo we took a lot photos there, there & there :D we were sooo happy. So we took public taxi to our hotel, 800 baht, act it was kinda expensive lil bit but it’s okay. At that I felt like want to scream “ Heyyyy, I’m on THAILAND!!!” feel like want to cry if I remember that trip, we getting emotion when our taxi passed by dusit. The first  impression when we will arrive at hotel, the surrounding is like bitches place or whatever. Still crowded on that night, but I love the hotel, room, services (^^)/ we stayed at room 405, me, mb ness & nopha. Others in 505, after we did preparation, we went outside to take some food, so finally we got there & there and had KFC for late dinner, the weird or unusual thing is they provide spoon & fork to eat but we use our hand like usual :D they were so many shops whom sell things, so we don’t have to worry if we can’t go to shop because we can buy there. Anyway at that hotel we will get breakfast too.

hehehe :D
in front of our hotel

 Day 2 - Friday, 26 June 2009
We were so lucky because TVXQ will hold presscon for public on this day at Central World. We gathered at lobby to have breakfast, I chose American breakfast ( 2 eggs, 1 sausage, tea & orange juice). First stop is MBK, we took BTS skytrain and the MRT station is so close with our hotel, they have escalator to go up to MRT station. Our hotel near with MRT Sala Daeng, apparently the train is so fast, we arrived in next 10 minutes and the mall is still not opened yet so we took photos around MBK and go to McD to wait.  When the mall is opened we go inside, shopping, buy some gift, I get little wallet  like 250 baht/5 but I found another one who sell more cheaper like 60 baht/4 >.< feel lil regret about it. We eat tom yum  at food court, sticky mango & durian and really delicious. We also go to Giordano try to find JJ tshirt,  Cheer You Up because almost every Giordano has sold out but apparently so do BKK, they said it was best seller.  After MBK we go to Central World, to see our hubby ^///^ when I see their banner which blog has post them I was so excited coz I can see with my eyes. That was so hot hot hot day, I don’t bring drink and it was so wrong. We were separated each other & after waiting for hours I feel like I want to fall so I raise my hand, tell securities then they help me out there, I look pale, sweaty. I can’t bear it because it was so hot, crowded and people keep pushing on me. Whereas I already got best spot to see them, i’m in front but I screwed up. We waited from around 2pm & they showed up at 7pm for about 15 minutes =_= it’s really short but omooo I saw them for the first time & they look so handsome. Love them, anyway I made lil banner with “MJ Love Yunho” write down on it, the camera shoot my banner :D I was not really satisfied because my stupidipity whereas I got best spot!! Like 2nd-3rd row from the front. They look so charming, stunning, flawless, Yunho was so handsome, JJ use glasses on that night, I can still remember that night & speechless, feel like wanna cry but my tears won’t come out. After prescon we go inside Central World to have dinner, anyway there are good place at same floor with movie theater, they sale accessories, I got scarf 100 baht/2 finally we had McD, anyway there were so many poster inside the mall,  pillar, standee poster,  advertisement on TV, wow..back to hotel it’s really hard for me to sleep because unbelievable when we wake up we will go to see them in concert. Their comeback album after 1 year 7 months, MIROTIC.
BTS Skytrain Station
Inside Skytrain

Mirotic Prescon, Central World

YUNJAE banner~~ ^^

ME, spotted on the screen :)
Soo many people there and sooo hot too ^^;
finally they comeee...kyaaaaa, hubby~~

meet Thai friend~
inside Central World


Day 3 - Saturday, 27 June 2009
I had fried rice to breakfast, need more energy for concert J I almost lost my voice because lot of screaming at prescon ^^;; but thx God my voice sound like normal this morning. We go to Dusit because we will go with chompoo, she rent van to go to venue 500 baht/person/2 days. We took photos at Dusit because DB stayed there, unfortunately we can’t wait them coz we must queuing for good spot so we go in early morning around 9am to the venue. Yeahh..we got their ticket!! I love the ticket, looks like credit card. The journey was sooo faraway from city. I was so tense at that time, and when I see words such “Muang Thong Thani Impact Arena” I was so freaking out, wowww, their banners are everywhere, from small one to huge banner, awesome!! we go to our position to queuing, we divide our queuing to venue & official goodies, we don’t want to miss it. At queue line goodies we met new friend, Abby, she is from Malaysia. It was long time to queuing, I bought Mirotic T-Shirt (900 baht), goodies were so expensive, they sold USB 900baht, hairpin 500baht, HP strap 500baht, Photobook 500 baht. I thought there is lightstick but it wasn’t so I just bought that t-shirt. I feel regret coz there so many people who sell Hp Strap YHh and only 25 baht but I don’t bought it. After we got our goodies, we look around and I bought fan, light stick etc. I don’t buy too many things, we took photos with standee figure, banners etc. after we finished all of it we go back to queuing, and wait til the gate open, the gate opened at 4:00 pm and the concert begin around 6 pm, lil bit late. When gate will open, we start pushing each other, I’m so tired at that time, anyway we were not allowed to bring foods or drinks. When my turn to enter venue, the staff told me to go to desk because I bring an umbrella, but I don’t care I just keep moving coz I want to get best position to watch them. Its too dark inside, I can’t see mb nessa, demay or mb er so I went by myself but thanx God I met nopha, she called my name & finally I’m with her. The venue start full, they hold their llight stick and we make red ocean, that was one of my dreams too, be a part of Red Ocean, VT played their MV or snap shot about them and we start to scream, first euphoria and I love it!! We sing together while waiting the concert begin. And finally blackout then I know they will coming out, I was so nervous and I can’t believe, try to convince myself about are they really coming here, sing in front of me on that huge stage?? But finally when their voice start to “” Hey will open this concert, I’m start to turn my head to the back because I know Yunho will come out from that stage. But in front of me there is Jaejoong, I was amazed at that time, feel wanna cry when I remembered all of it. I started to screm out loud, I was focus to YH & JJ at that time. Omooo JJ’s skin is soo white like porcelain look so flawless. When I see YH dance in front of me I was freaking out, his dance was so awesome, damn!! I lovee the way he dance, perfect!! I love his hair, kyaaaa my hubby!!! Unbelievable I met & see these boys with my eyes. From the center stage they go back to main stage and continue to sing “Are You A Good Girl?” omooo Changmin was so sexy and he’s cute, my lil dongsaeng ^^ after that song they sing Rising Sun with fire explode too, I was surprised to see that but happy for sure.  Unfortunately they didn’t sing live for this song because it will so tired coz they sing medley 4 songs. After lil break they continue again with Purple Line, great lighting, Junsu did solo dance part at Purple Line, he looks so serious when he dance,look so funny for me lol xDD I always wanna laugh when I see Junchan even he haven’t talked yet. I forgot about the song list. Its reall cute when Changmin sing Lullaby coz other member hanging on and passing the stage, JJ with his bicycle, YH with umbrella from right, YC with birds costume & JS with broom. I love Wrong Number too, YH coming out from under stage and in front of me, surpriseee!! I saw him, I love that song and getting more into it. Don’t Say Goodbye was sad song, I start to cry from that song and they continue to sing Insa, omooo so saddd, at beginning they spread but finally they gathered in center stage and the stage was getting up, there some kinda confetti, it was awesome & i was crying, can’t bear it. When I saw the DVD I crying also but now I see them LIVE so no wonder If I cry. And then, one of their songs that I’ve been waiting to hear live is Love in The Ice and I love it coz Yuchun took high notes, their voices were so amazing, impressive, superb, beautiful. They also perform solo, Yuchun with “Love by Love” with his piano, and lil action in the beginning, took flower & candy and give that to a fans. After Yuchun, JJ sing “Geugotmani Nae Sesang” aigooo his voice was sweet, remarkable, esp refrain part, I love his voice. JJ then Changmin with “Upon This Rock” damnnnn his voice, he can reach really high notes, Minnie sing a song in English, it was church song, he looks like model, good shape. And then there was VT, there gonna be dance battle between Junsu & Yunho, start with Junsu-Xiahtic, he looks so good in dancing too, at the rap part here come Yuchun too took that part ^^ YOOSU!! Junsu looks good when he played his electronic keyboard. Then last solo is Yunho with Checkmate, sheeesshhh he looks HOT, SEXY!! Cool dancing, I love his expression while dancing, awesome, awesomeee!! He had good stamina because after he finished with checkmate, he will perform Mirotic even there was Mirotic Insert Song for few seconds. Wow…can’t imagine where did the power come into him, he looks happy while dancing, he didn’t look so tired, Yunho took solo dance part, awesome!! Great concert!! When th they sing “Ha Ha Ha” they look so dorky, they made us laugh. There was a part when Min try to tease Yunho, hahhaa I saw that part. They also sing Hug Rock version & that was cool because JJ’s rock voice made it complete J I love the part when other 4 try to tease Changmin, kkk xDD they all sooo cute. When they sing “Somebody To Love” we jump together, “JUMP!JUMP!JUMP!” so crazyyy. Aahhh they sing “Crazy Love” and uknow what I got ad saw that “YUNJAE MOMENT!!” I scream directly “YUNJAEEEE!!” kkk xDD, then they also sing “The Way You Are” rock version too then “SKY”!! Yeahh feel like A-Nation. I still can’t believe I always hope I will meet them since I knew them for the first time at 2007 & finally it comes true. when the concert almost getting to the end, we scream encore, encore,encore then we also saw VT which had 2 button REPLAY & QUIT, all people scream together “REPLAY, REPLAY, REPLAY!!” black out then we heard Junsu start singing “” omooo they will song “Tonight” as encore, it was my favorite song, I love this song. It was unforgettable concert in my live, for the first time. Their voice truly amazing, When I already in the venue I think I want to see them again. Feel so blessed, great concert, spectacular. Felt like we don’t want to over so quickly. We got sweat, took photos inside the venue finally meet the others then we took our van to go back to hotel. Exhausted but totally HAPPY ^____^
They stay hereeee..

in the van to the venue

my ticket & postcard~

queuing for goodies, meet Malay friend, Abby
yeiii..i got my t-shirt
YUNJAE again..i loveee it!!

we meet vie, my another TI friend

Impact Arena, Miroticon venue
awesome dance, cool hubby ^^


Micky solo performance, Love By Love
Wrong Number..aishhh :D

end of day 1 T.T


Day 4 - Saturday, 28 June 2009
Second day, we had seating position so we don’t have to come more early, nite before we took draw for the ticket, there are 4 I & 2 F, I got zone I seat no. 1 row N, hehe feel lucky with that position. Seat 2 Mb er, 3 nopha, 4 demay. Otonk & mb nessa at F zone. Before we go to the venue we go to Chacktucak Market  to shopping, this market only open on Saturday & Monday and it was so big. We used sky train to go there, start looking for something as gift or etc. I got 2 bag/100baht, 3 BKK t shirt for my mom, dad & me 270baht, pendant 7/100baht, shawl 125baht, pashmina 500 baht/3. I didn’t bring much money to shopping so there was so many regrets. After che acktucak we go to hotel n get ready to dusit to took our van to venue. I wore my uknow hair ban which I made by myself, new shawl & red bag, everthing is red because that’s their color. Okay we took our van around 2pm to venue, I was sleeping coz I’m tired, arrived at venue at 2:30pm we look around, help syc with their banner, took photos too. One thing that I hate is they didn’t allowed me to bring my lil banner, they asked me to put my lil banner outside, hiks I made that too. They said I can took that again later after the concert so I put my lil banner and enter the venue, luckily they didn’t took my LG fan, it was a gift from anggie. I was so happy when I see all cassie coming in to the venue, the venue getting full & crowd, I used my binoculars a lot this time, because quite long distance to see them, this time I saw them as whole package because yesterday I focus on YUNJAE. Anyway I lost my voice coz too much screaming at prescon & 1st day concert. 2nd day I was enjoying their performance and sobbing more than 1st day, feel more sad than other day, I thought that was last day I can see them, coz I will go home & don’t know when will I meet them again. When they sang upbeat song I can’t withstand to just seating so I stand up and jump alone, but finally people around me start to stand up too. So happy to sing along with them, dance with them, laugh together. I saw Changmin fall when Ha Ha Ha song, I was panick at that time, feel worried about him but thanx God he is alright even he look lil bit lame, I was crying when I saw him like that. Anyway  I got YUNJAE moment again at “Crazy Love”, when they sing “Song For You” I see people getting down to nearest balcony, I followed because I know this will end in a moment. I stood close with Junsu came out for the first time at encore. Their voice so damn amazing, truly!! They bow down to say goodbye to us. I love themmmm & will always love them til I don’t know when. After finish the concert I was looking for my lil banner but it’s gone, geeezz I really mad at that time, I tried to talk with the staff and getting angry with them. I said shit in my language. I took few fans at that venue. So we came home and go to Noodle to had dinner, looking around shops near hotel then go back to hotel, had some rest.

Chacktucak Market

in front of hotel
get ready for day 2 ^^

with Sharing Yoochun banner

crying T_T *teary eyes*
sobbing TT______TT


Day 5 - Monday, 29 June 2009
We plan to go to Grand Palace,we took sky train then boat 13baht/person, it was so cheap ^^ on the last day we had cheated by someone who offering us to take Tuk-Tuk around city to visit some place, because he said there are ceremony in Grand Palace and the place will open at noon. So he offered 20baht/3 persons to sightseeing while waiting it open. In facts they were lying coz the gate that he told is not the entrance, so after we took that Tuk-Tuk we arrived again around 2pm and only me & mba er who go inside coz I must go there. The palace was so beautiful, anyway admission fee 350baht, we took photos and then we go back to hotel to get ready to airpot to go home. We took taxi separated, around 230baht with fare-meter me, demay & mb  ness. But the other taxi have to pay 600baht without fare-meter. The airport was great, Suvarnabhumi Airport. We go to Burger King to have some meal before take off, so expensive around 200baht. I felt sick at last day, so tired. I was scared at plane because bad weather and there are lil bit turbulence, so I try to sleep. Finally I arrived at Jakarta around 00:00am so I took airport taxi, express and go home, I arrived around 01:30am then sleep coz I have to work in the morning. Thx God to made my dream come true. It was great journey, experience, unforgettable, awesome, amazing concert, amazing trip I ever had. So many sacrifice to do all of it, living penny also.
on the boat


Miroticon Galz ^__^

inside Grand Palace

arrive at Jakarta, ignore that TKI things..xDD

my first concert ticket to meet my hubby

Itinerary BKK 5D/3N:
Day 1 :
-Arrived at BKK 20.00
-Dinner at KFC, Sala Daeng

Day 2 :
-TVXQ Mirotic Concert Prescon at Central Plaza

Day 3 :
-Mirotic Concert Day 1 at Impact Arena

Day 4 :
-Chacktucak Market
-Mirotic Concert Day 2 at Impact Arena

Day 5 :
-Chao Praya Cruise
-Tour with Tuk-Tuk
-Grand Palace
Total :
Airport Tax                             = IDR   150.000
Flight                                    = IDR 1.402.000
Hotel                                    =  IDR   863.000  
Concert Ticket                        = IDR 2.080.000
Misc.                                     = IDR 1.500.000
Van to venue  = THB 200 
Grand Palace  = THB 350
Kaos Mirotic   = THB 900
Light Stick     = THB 150
TOTAL                                         = IDR 5.995.000

BTS Sky Train + MRT Map


  1. Hi mba MJ.
    I read this article while sobbing inside [?]
    do you still love them?

    1. Hi Mba Zahrah!

      Well I do and still as 5 :D if not I might change the tagline up there hehe

      That faith still goes for 5 of them and myself :)

      Anyway thanks for reading my blog!


    2. Panggil dek aja (?) wkwkwk

      Yes I love reading your blog XD and can't get enough for those great pics :)

      Kak Tritaaaaa (?) aku juga suka mereka. Heheh, but unfortunately right after they separated :)

      Each of them has unique and wonderful voice. Every single song of them has its soul. I love their ballad so much, the lyrics are so meaningful. The Korean or the Japan version.

      Anyway, salam kenal ya kak ^_^
      anyway lagi, kujugasukaYunJaeaa wkwkw


    3. Glad you enjoyed then..I appreciate that.

      Dek? Well I guess calling out each name would be age stop at 25 though lol xDD

      Since they started from Acappella group no wonder they have wonderful voices..and 5 totally the best! sometimes I found it sucks when they became 3-2 because it made me broke especially when they came separately in 2014 need to pay extra for it lol

      Salam kenal juga Zahrah, never thought to meet another Cassiopeia and Yunjae shippers here 😬


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