Sunday, December 10, 2017

Open Trip to Krakatoa (Krakatau), Lampung

Sunset always look so pretty 
wherever they are :)

Sunset at Umang Island, the one and only picture from my phone since I uploaded on my social media :)
So actually not far from Sukabumi trip, I went to Krakatoa, or Krakatau at Lampung, Sumatera. It is a volcanic island located at Sunda Strait between Java and Sumatera Island. This would be my pretty saddest diaries because my phone was broken and I haven't back up any pictures from Krakatau trip but still want to post something about this trip because I went there already.

It was spontaneous open trip on Friday, 18 - Sunday, 20 August 2017 (3D/2N). The meeting point was at Merak Harbor so me and friends met at Slipi Jaya then from there we went together to Merak Harbor, cost for this open trip was Rp385k/person.

Since I also lost all my notes so what did I do there, I will just share their itinerary because I literally forget everything. We went to Merak Harbor by bus, just see if Merak mentioned on the bus, cost was Rp35k/person.

We will go by ferry as usual if you go on trip near Lampung, usually the ferry will leave around 1 AM. Sleeping on the ferry always not that great actually because you will have little time to sleep, because it only takes around 4 hours to Bakauheni Harbor, Lampung. Arrived at harbor, we took angkot (public transporation car) provided by operator, not Elf this time to Canti Port, waiting until morning there then leave by boat to some island.

In the morning, it's just typical open trip to island which was snorkeling all the time. For me personally, the water looks not that good that made you tempting to jump into the water for snorkeling so this time, no snorkeling for me, too lazy. Anyway, there were so many people joined this trip, around 35 people so divided into 2 boats, I didn't remember clearly how many person but I remember the boat was so full that I need to sit above the boat which was super hot!
credit. not me
Hopping some island and we stayed at Sebesi Island, the island was not that good but I remember I ate noodle, gorengan (fried), coconut ice or coffee so much there haha.

Get rest for a while then continue to snorkeling time if you want and went to Umang Island to chill out and then see the sunset. After that, we go back to Sebesi Island and sleep there or eat again.
at Umang Island, cr. Febri
The weather was so hot like everywhere, on the next day, we need to delayed to go to Anak Krakatau because the downpour. Initially they told us to be ready at 5 AM but since it was downpour, we need to wait until rain was stopped then we finally off by boat around 7.30 AM to Anak Krakatau and there you need to do trekking which was bit tiring, because you need to walk on the black sands until the top during the daylight which was so hot. Don't forget to bring mineral water because there was no one selling mineral water at Anak Krakatau. The track was not that hard, it took around 30 minutes until you get to the top. I just can't imagine how big the volcano eruption at that time (1883) that finally divided those islands. This Anak Krakatau was actually the highlight of the trip but for me it's enough to see this once hehe.
at Krakatau, cr. not me
travelmate this time : Febri, me, Fris, Endah and Arief :) (cr. Febri)
Back to the Sebesi Island, get rest and then go back to the Bakauheni Harbor, in here I bought banana chocolate chips which is a famous snack from Lampung. Sleeping again at the ferry and back to Jakarta by bus, going for open trip near Lampung usually made your body felt so tired due to long journey. Make sure you are fit when traveling so you can stay awake when you need to get to work on Monday like me, cheers!

Day 1
21.00 - 23.59 : Meeting Point at Merak Harbor
00.00 - 04.00 : Going to Bakauheni Harbor

Day 2 
04.00 - 05.00 : Break
05.00 - 06.30 : Going to Canti Port
06.30 - 08.00 : Breakfast at Port and prepare for snorkeling
08.00 - 12.00 : Going to Sebesi Island by boat and snorkeling at Sebuku Kecil, Sebuku Besar and Cemara
12.00 - 15.00 : Break
15.00 - 18.00 : Explore Umang Island and Sunset time
18.00 - 03.00 : Free Time

Day 3
06.00 - 07.30 : Wake up and prepare to Anak Krakatau
07.30 - 09.30 : Going to Anak Krakatau by boat
09.30 - 12.00 : Explore Anak Krakatau
12.00 - 14.00 : Lagoon Cabe and snorkeling
14.00 - 15.00 : Back to Sebesi Island
15.00 - 16.00 : Break
16.00 - 18.00 : Going to Bakauheni Harbor
19.00 - 23.30 : Bakauheni - Merak

Thank you for reading my travel diaries, wondering if there is someone actually reading it ehehe.

Have a great week ahead!

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