Saturday, December 30, 2017

Singapore 1/2 - Short Weekend Getaway (Bugis, Haji Lane Street, Arab Street)

"Nothing is failure. 
It's just not supposed to work out that way
because something is better is going to come along.
Stop worrying so much, okay?"
-Sandra Bullock

such a beautiful night view :D
My last trip for 2017 was Singapore for such a short last minute weekend getaway. I went there few months ago on Thursday, 7 - Sunday 10, September 2017. Lately I am so lazy to update my blog hehe..but since every trip that I made will become my homework so I need to do my homework and this is it.

I had a bit drama on my way to Soekarno Hatta Airport which I won't forget that I bought another flight ticket because I was late to go to airport due to meeting, still on my way at 7.30 PM when my flight actually at 8 PM. Once I arrived, they said my initially flight was delayed and too late I bought another ticket already for 9.30 PM with Tiger Airways. Then I fly with my initially flight, Scoot, but the delayed was pretty bad, the airplane leaving at 10 PM.
on board with Scoot, leaving for Singapore
Arriving at Changi Airport and has no intention to leave the airport because it's late at night already so I decided to explore Changi Airport where I found it's actually fun and so many things that you can do in here, anyway I arrived at Terminal 2.

What did I do at Changi Airport? (part 1)

Orchid Garden at Changi Airport
Sunflower Garden at Terminal 2, so lovely!
it would be beautiful to see on the daylight
cinema and it's full when I checked that out, people sleeping everywhere
foot massage and it's free, awesome!
get your own position and sleep, don't forget bring jacket, it's so cold

What to see in Singapore this time?

Below I will share some places that I visited back then when I was in Singapore, one thing that I want to see is Haji Lane Street located at Bugis and beside that, I have no idea and no destination actually. I just thought at least I am not in Jakarta for weekend and get some fresh air in here.

BUGIS STREET (Arab Street, Haji Lane Street)
Haji Lane Street, I love those colourful buildings
so many murals in here, interesting!
Arab Street
we met again after 3 years, me and Fei

 STILL BUGIS (Bugis Junction, National Library)

Bugis Junction
Food Court at Bugis Junction
I like their Ice Coffee
National Library
it's big and so many people studying in library at that rime


I want to eat rice
what a BIG portion! :D
playground at East Coast Park
they have selections of flavour
 to be continued for part 2 :)

Thank you for reading! Have a great one!

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