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Lombok 1/3 - Girls Trip to Lombok! #gemeztrip

Friends make the world beautiful.

my officemates who makes my working life more colourful
I went to Lombok in 2013, usually I wouldn't want to go to a place that I've been before but this trip I am going with my officemates and it's going to be a short trip. There were 6 of us and got some changes at our company and made 4 of us having the same boss but it's not that difficult to take our annual leaves since it's just one day off eventually.

We bought our plane ticket beforehand and actually it was all of sudden because when my friend checked the flight ticket, the price was such a good deal at that time, we booked it, took Citilink for round trip around Rp 1,1 million which was not too pricey. Lucky us because one of our friends is from Lombok, so this trip was like going to her hometown where we are pretty sure she knows what to do there :) *fingercrossed


Since we will take an earlier flight means we need to wake up sooo early, our friends need to wake some of our friends and well there was one who still slept by the time my friend called her and she was panicked haha. Anyway I can say this girls trip was kind of new things for me because some of my friends were so prepared for this trip which will take for 3 days only haha, What kind of preparation? here let me tell you : buying new bikini(s) which kinda last minute and they worried if their stuffs couldn't came on time since they bought online, bikini cover where since it's too cheap you can't expect the good quality from it where I found it sooo funny seeing their experiences, lash extension, brazilian, waxing etc etc, me? I bought a new swimsuit for me as well.

Anyway it's going to be my first time fly from Halim Perdanakusuma Airport, we went to Lombok on Friday 13th - Sunday 15th of April 2018 (3D/2N).

Day 1 - Friday, 13 April 2018
We need to wake up sooo early due to early flight, we took off around 6 AM by Citilink. Arrived at the Lombok Airport and well, long time no see, Lombok!

Our first stop is Nasi Balap Puyung for breakfast, the place is located not far from the airport. It's a bit crowded that morning. Thankfully the portion is not that big. From here we planned to go to Sasak Village, it hasn't changed and still the same like old time. 

Anyway I recommend you to buy homemade bracelet or keychain or any souvenirs in here because it's sooo cheap, for the cute bracelet only Rp10k/4 pcs or 3 pcs. It's FREE to enter this place and you can just give some donations. We didn't explore that much but for me it's fine since I went explored all over this place back in 2013.
that early morning at Halim Perdanakusuma Airport, waiting for boarding
on my way to Lombok :D
hello again Lombok!
Breakfast : Nasi Balap Puyung
Sasak Village!
traditional village at Lombok
they made it by themselves
me love it! so colourful
Next stop would be Mawun Beach, this is one of bucket list if I go to Lombok again and yeay! So, this beach is on a different path comparing with Tanjung Aan, Kuta, Batu Layang etc. But this beach is very nice, to get to this beach was pretty challenging looking at the road, pretty bumpy, climbing up and down. There was not so many people when we arrived there, it was very hot! if you want to drink coconut, Rp 15k/coconut and you can sit under umbrella. I love this beach but still my favorite one is Tanjung Aan beach :)
finally I am here !

Mawun Beach :)
From there we went to Bukit Merese, we need to climb up to get on top but it's not that high and hard. Believe me, you MUST go to the top, there you can see the beauty from up there and it's waaayyyy too wonderful to be missed. From there you can see green hills, Tanjung Aan beach and another beaches. They also called this hills as Bukit Cinta or Love Hills, I don't know why but this hills definitely made me fall in love with the view! This hills fammous for sunrise or sunset but I guess we have no time for sunset or even sunrise on that day.

We are starving so we went to Dua Em Restaurant to have lunch, anyway almost all the food at Lombok are spicy and I warned you already. This place famous with the chicken of course with the spicy spices, Ayam Taliwang is the famous traditional food from Lombok.
hop hop hop
chillax on the top
going up again!
behind me is Tanjung Aan Beach :D
Ayam Taliwang at Dua Em Restaurant, starving!
we ate quite a lot :p
It's already around 2 PM so we decided to go because we will go to Gili Trawangan by boat, it took about 2 hours from Mataram to the pier for Gili Trawangan but since we will take private boat, we didn't go to the public pier (Bangsal Pier) which was the one that I took back then and this pier is much closer, Kecinan Beach.

Apparently using this speed boat took us 15 minutes only to get to Gili Trawangan, wow! it's so fast! arrived on the pier at Gili Trawangan, we went to our hotel directly, the distance is about 2.5 km, we took Cidomo (horse carriage) Rp 150,000/one way. 

We stayed at Kelapa Luxury Villas (see the review here), 3-Bedroom Villa with Private Pool Rp 2,861,934/room/night (around USD 205) for 6 persons, @Rp476,989/person/night, if you want to have breakfast you can pay Rp 90k/person and for rent bike @Rp 50k/24 hours.
hopped into that (left) speedboat by Banyu Biru to Gili Trawangan
RAINBOW! so pretty
girls on the boat haha
Kelapa Luxury Villas, 3-Bedroom Villa with Private Pool (Rp 2,861,934/room/night)
Kitchen and Living Room, coconut as welcome drinks
the bed :)
It was sunny day, get some rest a while before catching sunset, riding bycycle and choose the spot by the beach, honestly we missed the sunset because it's hard to get our ass off from hotel since it's too cozy haha, we sat at Aston Hotel area, get some drinks, sitting on the bench by the beach, there are many swing on the seashore which is the famous spot at Gili Trawangan, I didn't find it during my first visit, but the wave kind of strong and I didn't get on the swing.

Chit chat by the beach with friends and strolled the island by bycycle, it's night already and we rode like 2/3 island,'s pretty far though, like unintentionally exercise at night. I want to find shortcut following the map, but when I found it, some of my friends choosing the bright road with lights which is the main road so we didn't take the shortcut. Hopped on the cafe where there was nice musician, he sings very well so we sat there until late at night.
we missed the sunset yet still beautiful :)
strolled around the island at night by bicycle
hopped into cafe with nice live music :)
Back to hotel and another chit chat by the side of pool even before bed time, and's also nice to have swimming time :D I brought by swimming glasses already (totally prepared :p). It's really relaxing and refreshing! How I wish to have more time like that!

-to be continued

Thank you very much for reading and anyway sorry for not having so many updates lately but I hope you still enjoy reading it.


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