Thursday, September 10, 2015

Good Food on Weekend at Pantrynette

I keep passing this Ruko area at Lebak Bulus since my grandmother living there and this place is so catchy comparing with others building and gaining my curiosity to walk in. Once you enter the place it feels like home, it's like a living room that changing into restaurant with different kind of chair, some rattan, furry or plastic. Decorated with some frames in the wall and cute things inside the cupboard that placed in the corner near by window.

Pantrynette serves Asian and Western cuisines and the price were so affordable and I already visited this place for few times since I love their food and the location is really close with my grandma's house. Sometimes me and my sister or brother will visit this place straight after visit my grandma's house in the weekend.

So I will share things that I already ate with some pictures, pardon me because I didn't take picture before I decided to make some review on my blog so after few times visit, I decided to take picture and make review of it.

Pempek Lenjer (Rp30.000 for 2pcs), It was so popular in Palembang made from the fish, served with 2 pcs Pempek, slices of cucumber and the most important thing, vinegar. For me the vinegar was too spicy but still taste good and I couldn't stop dipping my pempek, the famous kind of Pempek is Lenjer and Kapal Selam, the different is Lenjer in a long shape & Kapal Selam is contain egg inside.

Bitterballen (Rp28.000), Five little balls serve with mayonnaise, and for Indonesian in general would be perfect to add chili sauce too :)

Pancake with Ice Cream (Rp30.000), Amazed with how perfect the shape of these pancakes, contains of 3 tiers serve with Vanilla Ice Cream and sprinkled with choco chips and slices of strawberry on top and maple syrup poured over stack of pancake . You can choose the ice cream, they have 3 choices for it, Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry flavor. I am totally in love with their pancake with perfect thickness, well-cooked to the brown color and it made me want to make some.

Juice Timun Selasih (Rp25.000), Simple juice contains of cucumber & basil, ended up feel so refreshing after make a first sip and keep going.

Es Cincau Longan (Rp24.000), Sourness will come right away after you eat and drink it but totally refreshing, and I love Longan, Longan looks like Lychee but usually smaller, they also put some basils.

I love this place, all the food that I already tasted were so good. Such a nice place to have meals together with your friends or family.

Location : Bona Indah Business Center, Jl. Karang Tengah Raya No. 8Q, Lebak Bulus, Jakarta
Open : 7 AM - 9 PM
Price : Rp15.000 - 70.000

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