Sunday, September 13, 2015

Happy Mingle at De Mingle

Starting with a contest called Real High Tea Challenge (RHTC) Cafe & Restaurant 2015 by Dilmah, there are some restaurants in Jakarta & Bandung who participated this event. This challenge is teach us to appreciate tea and enjoying afternoon High Tea which is might not (yet) really common in Indonesia.

RHTC is organized by Dilmah Tea Indonesia. For the cafe & restaurant, there are some items that will be judged such as Hot Tea Pairing Dish (Sweet or Savory), Mocktail or Cocktail Pairing Dish (Sweet or Savory) and Tea Inspire Cuisine (Food with Ingredients Tea). They need to promote their RHTC menu to customer. I found it interesting to see which one is the best pairing to enjoy tea and what kind of menu they are going to make.

Happy Mingle & Let's Giggle! probably the perfect quote for this cafe, De Mingle , located at Rukos in Kebun Jeruk area, you may spot it in the corner right in front of entrance. It looks so cute from the outside and feels like telling you to come in right away into the big wood door. The interior is so nice, the right side is wide-window with black list sticker which is totally so cute and the left side you may find another different chairs with black lamp hanging on the wall and not forget the floor which is I found it attracted since they make it little different and how they make seat arrangement. High ceiling make the space look bigger, and look at their stairs containing of nice words with doodles and they also put some nice quotes on the wall. 

There are 2 level, the ambiance from the upstairs feels different. I like the way they keep the window wide, it made the space looks bigger & wider. The upstairs are perfect for private party, gathering or even meeting and apparently there was a meeting in there. The owner said it will fit for 80 people for standing. And she said there was someone doing Love Confession in here, interesting, right?

De Mingle serves Indonesia and Dutch Food, could tell from their menu that some of the food name are in Dutch language. I came here with Ruth and should be with Fiona too but she sick suddenly, so thank you again for Lunch Getaway (Ruth & Fiona's Blog) to let me join them for food tasting, what a great experience for me and of course to let me have things to write on my blog and share to you.

Huzaren Sla (Rp53.000), Nice appearance of presenting salad contains of Lettuce, Carrot, Bean, Pineapple, Apple, Beef, Cucumber with homemade Dutch sauce. What a combo for ingredients and surprisingly it mixed perfectly in your mouth with crunchy and you will taste different texture and the combining of the ingredients make a really nice color for the salad. I would like to recommend it to you to give it try.

Kalfstong Biefstuk/ Dutch Ox Tounge Steak (Rp69.000), a Dutch main course consist of 3 slices of Ox Tounge steak serves with mashed potato, marinated for 3 hours with 5 kinds of Herbs and Wine & grilled carefully to give the most tender, easy to cut & juicy taste of tounge ever. The descriptions was not lie, it was definitely juicy and tender when you had it in your mouth.

Franz (Rp69.000), a Dutch Steak made from roast boneless chicken breast with Thyme flavor, Sautee mushroom with Olive oil and served with Boiled potato. The sautee mushroom was so tasty, and it combines perfectly when you eat your chicken breast and pour the sautee on top of it.

And for the Real High Tea Challenge menu from De Mingle are :
Exotic Tea Spa consist of Lemongrass Cinnamon Hot Tea pairing with Apple Crumble. It is really fit with their restaurant concept which is Indonesian & Dutch. You will find Indonesian from the drink, tasted refreshing and Dutch from its pairing which sweet & crunchy. I love how this two turn out to be nice pairing.

Heritage Tea Spa consist of Summer in Green Ice Tea pairing with Fish Finger. Summer in Green Tea is nice to drink in hot weather like these days, surprised with their ideas and new menu also completed with delicious fish finger as pairing. Summer is made from vegetable caisim, pineapple, apple and adding green tea from Dilmah.

Classic Tea Spa, last but not least Peppermint Tung Tung with Black Tea Klepon, it was interesting too see how they create this menu, it's really 'think out of the box', I love the ice cream, actually in Indonesia we called it Es Puter and the Peppermint flavor was really delicious and I couldn't help to finished the ice cream. Serve with 3 Black Tea Klepon, Klepon that Indonesian knew usually in green color and this time black, made from Black Tea, taste good.
RHTC Dilmah Menu by De Mingle
Amazed with how they presented the food so it will look so tempting and how they care too much to serve the best food. The owner was really mingle with us and kindly explain to us. If you happen in that area or too curious with De Mingle or mind to have afternoon High-Tea? I suggest you to go right away to have good food, good place, good service with your good friends, so Happy Mingle & Let's Giggle :)

De Mingle
Location : Ruko Graha Handaya, Jl. Raya Pejuangan 12a, Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta (about 1 km from Siloam Kebun Jeruk Hospital)
Open : 9AM - 9PM
Price : Rp25.000 - 160.000
IG : @deminglebistro

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