Monday, September 14, 2015

Nice Neighborhood named Goodhood Coffee and Kitchen

At one night due the traffic was pretty bad I decided to walk from JDC to Pejompongan few meters to find a taxi. And I found this place, with nice light and totally will attracted your eyes to see it comparing others building around them. So, I found this cafe, Goodhood Cafe and Kitchen, the good thing is the place is not really far from my office. After fasting month, me and office mates planned to having lunch there and here we go :)

We feel so excited, I usually go with them for lunch most of the time. We love to explore new places like this one which located in our neighborhood. I already visited 2 times and when I came for the first time, half of their menu are not ready yet. Since the restaurant is still brand new and not yet to have Grand Opening so it was still trial when I went there first time. There are 2 level for this restaurant, you may find nice murals at stairs and they also have some chairs in the terrace. The front door was unique with brown wood & big window that perfect to having OOTD photoshoot like my friend did.
credit : lunchgetaway
credit : lunchgetaway
credit : lunchgetaway

Squid Ink Spaghetti, my first time having squid ink spaghetti so I am not used to eat black spaghetti, for me the portion was good enough for my tummy but little bit spicy, the way they presenting the food was really nice.

Nasi Goreng Kampung, Another nice presentation for the food, the taste was different with the fried rice that I usually have in restaurant, this time it feels like the fried rice that you usually eat at home, and you made the Fried Rice by yourself or your mom.

Spicy Shrimp Penne, you may change to spaghetti or fettuccine for preference. I don't really eat spicy food but if you like spicy you might like this one.

Fish & Chips, I ordered on my second visit. The fish was well cooked and feel crunchy served with french fries and delicious mayonnaise. I love the french fries, they cut it in big shape and they didn't peel the skin which surprisingly taste very good.

The chef came to us to ask how was the food? we said it's delicious and then he step back to kitchen and came back to us to give complimentary dish, a Pancake filled with beans, bacon & cheeses. We fulled already but we couldn't resist to try some. The decoration was really nice, we got this complimentary during our first visit.

We love the ambiance of this place, they also serve cakes too, I got myself a Strawberry Cheesecake to take away to my office. I love sweet things especially Cheesecake and I love to try different Cheesecake :) I definitely will come back again for sure and try different menu, nice place to hang out with your friends.

Goodhood Cafe and Kitchen
Location : Dipo Business Center, Ruko A1, Jl. Jenderal Gatot Subrot Kav. 51-52, Gatot Subroto, Jakarta
Open : 7 AM - 7 PM
Price : Rp20.000 - 70.000
IG : @goodhood_jkt

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