Saturday, September 19, 2015

Dear Agent, Find Your Mission at Spy Club

Bam Barambam..Bam..Bam Bam Barambam #nowplaying James Bond soundtrack was our opening song before heading to this restaurant (haha..sorry kidding), Spy Club. This restaurant located at Kemanggisan area and looks like a secret agent quarter ever since you entered, so we feel like a spy who going to have special mission. Or if in Running Man, we will feel like our PD called us earlier to have special mission and put Spy tag on our name tag, haha, if you watch that reality show you may know it *daydreaming* There are some guns, police line and even T.N.T woowww..O_o
They have big space on the back which decorated nicely but since its an open area, it would be really hot if you come in the afternoon. But the decoration at that backyard are awesome, they put cooking equipment in the wall, hanging T.N.T on the ceiling, some part looks like unfinished wall with some green from the leaves. There were also band equipment so you might like to come at night, enjoying good food and live music. I just loveee it. Especially the long bench with red pillow make such a great spot to take pictures, like we did :) The waitress wearing S.W.A.T vest for their uniform, so it's kinda unique and make the restaurant concept fit in, in addition most of their menu name are so unique, Let me share what did we order below with some explanations and pictures for sure.

Secrettt (Rp18.000), usually I like tahu telur because it's sweet and rich of proteins which contains egg & tofu and you can enjoy the veggie too. I love it..and this tahu telur was so tasty, the portion is not really big. The weapon for this menu is spicy agrant peanut sauce that might you haven't tasted yet before. Yummy! :)
The Chicken Identity (Rp28.000), their signature herb fried chicken with crunchy flakes. Served with rice, fried tofu, fried tempe and spy secret chili. You may find this menu easily in others restaurant but trust me, if you happen visit this place, try this one, really tasty.

The Chicken Supremacy (Rp28.000), another signature herb chicken, fried with fragrant green chili. Served with rice, fried tofu and fried tempe. I don't think I will order this one because it looks spicy ;p so I prefer The Chicken Identity and satisfied with my choice.
Overall I like the food, tasty and also the price is not too high, the place decoration was really nice, homey and cozy too, I was hoping if this restaurant located nearby our office. It would be great and I will ask my office mates to come over. Their decorations were so cool, how could they come with those concept and even the waitress wearing S.W.A.T vest was too epic. Such a nice place to come and hang out with your friends, talking..eating...talking..eating :)

Spy Club
Location : Jl. Kemanggisan Utama No. 5, Kemanggisan, Jakarta
Open : 11 AM - 11 PM
Price : Rp15.000-100.000
IG : @thespyclub

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