Monday, September 21, 2015

Delicious Kolak Pisang at Bailey's & Chloe

Trying out another Real High Tea Challenge (RHTC) menu and this time from Bailey's & Chloe at Tanjung Duren area. We went there for having good lunch, I went with Ruth & Fio. They are going there and asking me too to come with them, yeay! 

Bailey's & Chloe is located at Rukos and from the outside the place is petite and looks nice. There are 2 floors, and the decoration looks really nice, There are some ropes hanging to give some accent and grass on top of nice blue bench.

The Chef was ready to serve us some good food especially for RHTC menu. Before we had our RHTC menu, we made another order first. First coming is King Caesar (Rp25.000), grilled chicken, lettuce, crouton, tomato, boiled egg, cheese with Caesar dressing. Such a plenty ingredients on one plate :)

Next coming is Banana Bitz (Rp18.000), served with powdered sugar and kaya jam, which is surprisingly really delicious, they fried the banana on the small ball shape and make us easy to bite, I love their idea for this menu and love the combination, inspiring me to try at home. Then we also had Yoghurt Mojito which totally refreshing and I like the taste.

And in a while, RHTC menu is coming one by one, yeayy..really can't wait, what kind of menu they will serve, how is the pairing etc.

Chicken Sandwich with Satay Sauce paired with Italian Almond Mocktail
Surpriseee...come with 2 pcs of Chicken Sandwich, and it was unusual, they put the chicken on top and put satay sauce in the bottom of sandwich. Italian Almond Mocktail, sweet mocktail contains of basils and served on cold, so refreshing and perfect for sunny day.

Hot Cylon Black Tea paired with Kolak Pisang
This Kolak Pisang is really unique, at some point I feel like eating Es Pisang Ijo from Makassar, because they cover the banana like Es Pisang Ijo, there is Bubur Sumsum inside Kolak, Bubur Sumsum is made from rice flour, Kolak Pisang consist of Bubur Sumsum, Banana poured with liquid Brown Sugar, that was very delicious indeed. I took 2 portions for it ;p too bad this Kolak Pisang is not their regular menu and I hope they put it on their regular menu. I love this pairing menu :)

Braised Brisket with Potato Soup
The meat was so tender and juicy, the soup was really nice, what a yummy ending to fill in my tummy. The presentation was really nice and make you wouldn't miss this menu.
Kolak Pisang, Chicken Sandwich  & Hot Cylon Black Tea
Italian Almond Mocktail
Braised Brisket with Potato Soup

Bailey's & Chloe
Location : Jl. Tanjung Duren Utara IV No. 55A, Tanjung Duren, Jakarta

Open : Sun-Thu 11.30 AM-11 PM; Fri 12.30 PM-12 AM; Sat 11.30 AM-12 AM
Price : Rp15.000 - 30.000
IG : @baileysandchloe

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