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Korea 2/11 - Visiting Beautiful Haneul Park (Sky Park) in Autumn

"Traveling - it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a Storyteller" 
- Ibn Battuta

Day 3 - Saturday, 22 Oct 2016

Starting my morning with today first destination, Haneul Park or Haneul Gongwon, Haneul means sky and Gongwon means park in Korean, not really far from my guesthouse, it took about 15 minutes to the nearest subway of the park, World Cup Stadium Station Exit 1. Got time to fuel my stomach by Odeng KRW 1,000 nearby World Cup Stadium, quite pricey since I knew usually Odeng is KRW 500. Walking about 1km to the park following the map, hmm what an exercise in the morning, especially when I found out that I need to climb up the stairs, 300 stairs to climb up, whuatt?!? no one tell me that >< but well been a while since I exercised so 300 stairs here I come!! (since I don't have any choice) up up up up...whooossaahhh..
Song Joongki is everywhere in Seoul :)
Gong Yoo :) How I love him in Coffee Prince drama
What a sunny day to start my day :)
I love the color :)
So warm to eat in the morning
so colourful and I love it <333
passing the carpark to Haneul Park, ohh autumn is really nice
my exercise slowly begin
Are you ready?
Hop..hop..hop >_<
I thought I am going to see the park very soon right after I reached the top and nooo...still need to walk again and again to reach Haneul Park, but seeing the view from the top was really entertaining and so many family came to see this park, some old people or might couple with their pet. Once I reached the park..wowww the park is really big and I could see Eulalia grass are everywhere, I saw so many pictures of it and when I saw it with my eyes, definitely lovely! :) you should consider this park to be on your list especially during autumn, lovely to see and different experience to enjoy autumn in Korea!

Brought my brand new selfie sticks camera and hope to use it well, still need to learn how to use it (not pro yet) it turns out I enjoying much to take camera from my phone instead that selfie stick -_-' Enjoying the breeze, the view and the park for a moment before heading to Insadong market, I haven't been there yet and kinda curious.
view from the top :)
yeayy arrived! Finally Haneul Park
so pretty! :)
Eulalia Grass
my attemp using selfie stick xDD
windmill in the park
Soon when I came out from Anguk Station Exit 6 I was like, damn! this market is just right in front of you back then when I came in Korea from Bukcheon Hanok Village and walked to Gyeongbokgung Palace *talktomyself*, ahh..I should checked that out before! that's what I thought, but it's okay, I could visit it today and I have some missions to do at Insadong haha.

For your information, Insadong located nearby Bukcheon Hanok Village and Gyeongbokgung Palace, you might want to fill these 3 places on your itinerary for the same day, then you can explore the King Sejong statue area, Cheongyecheon Stream check some palaces nearby and end up at Myeongdong, that would be fun, or you can add Namsan Tower in the afternoon around 5 PM stay there for a while then back again to Myeongdong, just a little suggestion from me if you want to explore the Seoul :)

Okay, back to Insadong! the main part of Insadong is that Insadong-gil or Insadong Street, gil means street in Korean :) curious with the place called Ssamziegil, it's actually an art market place and it's very unique, along the way of Insadong you would find traditional souvenirs, street food, snacks, shops and you will spot some people wearing Korean traditional clothes named Hanbok there, you can rent it too if you want, cost about KRW 30,000.

We Got Married and some drama filmed there
Insadong Street
some souvenirs at Insadong
inside Ssamziegil
do you spot your favorite? :D
another souvenirs that you can choose
There is a famous green tea shop called O'Sulloc and I got a chance to visit that place on that day, I want to try their green tea :) geeezz..the price is so expensive for a cup of tea and most menu, lucky me I have my 10% discount coupon and I ordered Green Tea Latte KRW 8,000 so I only need to pay KRW 7,200. Let's give it a try!

You can also buy the green tea for souvenirs downstairs such as tea, chocolate and many more, so order downstairs and going upstairs for seating area and waiting your order to came. Enjoying free wifi to grab the map and gather information while waiting for my tea, I also recharging my phone since kinda run out batteries. My hot green tea latte is coming~~ the cup was kinda big and can't wait to taste it! Anddd the taste is...good but not really my favorite haha, sorry for being too honest, bring it back my KRW 7,200! lol I found out lately that Green Tea Ice Cream is the one that recommended but the weather back then not really perfect to eat ice cream, kinda windy and cold.

O'Sulloc Cafe
downstairs, wanna buy some tea?
my Green Tea Latte

to be continued..for part 2 of Day 3

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