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Korea 1/11 - It's Very Nice to See You Again, Annyeong Korea!

I guess this would be my last visit to Korea since I am planning to finish my bucket list during this trip but turned out I am guessing wrong :)

Day 1 - Thursday, 20 Oct 2016

This is the longest trip so far for me and I am fully excited to go on this trip, from chillax plan becoming tense plan lol xDD I feel like I want to finish everything that I haven't done yet back time on my first visit

Took the night flight around 8:30 PM from CGK - KUL, went directly from office straight away to airport. Bit sucks since it's kinda delayed for more than 30 minutes and I only have 1,5 hours if on time to my connecting flight, so when it's landed at KUL, I feel like dying since I gotta rushed to my next flight since it's not 1,5 hours anymore but less than 30 minutes and it's boarding already. Run run run at KLIA 2 to my gate and crap the gate is really far away, feels like I landed at Gate A and my next flight is Gate Z, do you understand my feeling and I keep swearing along the way lol xDD I sweat too much and exhausted.
my dinner at CGK, Old Town White Coffee
I packed few clothes only for this trip and even I already changed into my sleepwear at my office before going to the airport because I think I will just sleep on the plane but I don't know I will run that much and sweating so I need to change with another clothes, ohhh my clean clothes lol xDD Take off at 1:00 AM as per schedule. Got lucky during my 2 flight, there's no one sitting on my row seats so all by myself yeayy! *happy*

Day 2 - Friday, 21 Oct 2016

Flight took around 6-7 hours from KUL - ICN, landed safely at Incheon International Airport (ICN) and hello again Seoul! nice to visiting you again :) It was 8:30 AM and the airport was so packed with people, kinda hard to walk since it was definitely so crowded even on the way to immigration, queuing on immigration, even to go out after immigration on the same floor people claiming their baggage, all queuing! what in the world is happening? Luckily I don't have any baggage since I also only bought baggage for my returning flight.
my competitor at Incheon, lol xDD
Heading to Hongdae directly from Incheon (KRW 4,050) where I will stay couple nights, Kimchee Sinchon Guesthouse, recharge my old T-Money and get in to Arex Line with KTX, so happy since no need to change the train and the distance from exit subway is really near :) I choose this guesthouse because of this and yes it's true, it's near :) The guy on the receptionist said I should check in after 3 PM so I just put my bags there and take a shower before heading to Myeongdong to catching up with old friends.Kinda hard to get free wifi in subway ;(
it's easy to find subway station in Incheon Airport, no worries
Buy your subway ticket here or top up
inside Arex :)
my guesthouse at Hongdae :)
First destination, Lotte Department Store to meet old friends, located in Myeongdong, stopped at Euljiro 1(il)-ga Station Exit 7. So happy to meet them after 3 years! such a long time. They took me around Myeongdong bit and we ate Samgyetang at 백제삼계탕 (Baekje Samgyetang). I tried Samgyetang already in Jakarta and not really tasty. But the one that I ate in Myeongdong was really tasty :) Samgyetang means Ginseng Chicken Soup, very healthy and could bring your stamina back, which is so perfect for my condition that day, I love it! Too bad after 3 years they only gave me an hour to meet up during their lunch, hopefully I could spend time longer with them when I go back to Korea again or if they visiting me in Jakarta. But it was fun meeting them again and feel so happy. 다음에는 우리 오래 오래 또 만나하고 같이 놀자!^^b
Lotte Department Store
wander around Myeongdong
ready for our lunch :)
Jal mokgeusseumnida! *nyammm
delish Samgyetang at Myeongdong :) :)
Finally meeting up! Sunil, Kook, me & Jaesang :)
From there I went to K-Style Hub to exchange my coupon for Free T-Money 10,000 won, the building located in front of Cheongyecheon Stream, you can do many activities there, I played there while waiting for my next appointment, my thought was 'how creative' to see entertaining things inside K-Style Hub building. Anyway to get your T-Money from there, you can just ask the officer and you need to fill the survey, once you are done, tell the officer and they will give you T-Money. 

hello Bigbang!!
me with stylish GD :)
I still have time before next appointment, so I wander around Cheonggyecheon Stream, been a while since the last time I strolled around there. There were sort of event at that time, so I walked a bit before heading back to Lotte Department Store. Then back to Lotte and bit curious with Lotte Duty Free, passing by Star Avenue where so many Korean celebrities pictures, even their hand printed and going up with elevator, just want to peeking. And woww..crowded maximum! Just take a look one round and going down again, too crowded ^^;;

Next place, heading back (again) to Lotte Department Store to the same meeting point like in the morning haha. Well, I met my ex. boss :) I was sitting exactly in front of door and I saw my boss coming but he didn't recognized me at first, haha xDD. Heading to the 4th Floor and we did chat few hours away in the coffee shop there and took me around department store and the next building through skywalk called, Lotte Young Plaza, then Underground market and also around Myeongdong area. To be honest my leg feels like want to break but it was definitely fun. Been thankful since he spared his time with me for almost 3 hours! I didn't even realize it's already that long and how I missed that already :) hope to catch up again! My first day in Korea was well-spent on that day.

Star Avenue
do you spot your favorite?
meeting point of the day :D
Mr. James, me & my beloved boss Mr. Brian :)
Kamsahamnida! 감사합니다! <33
My body was feeling quite unwell but still have lots of thing to do in my itinerary but need to skip that. I was just strolling around Myeongdong, passing by Hello Kitty Cafe :) and I went to Cafe J Holic (Kim Jaejoong's Cafe) it's on my bucket list so I was so happy because finally I can come here, take a break there quite long and it's warm inside, anyway it's starting colder around 5 PM. Inside the shop pretty much about Jaejoong, of course! haha, the unique thing is you will get Jaejoong's sign on the bill. Anyway I will have special blogpost for Cafe J Holic, please kindly wait for it :)
It's getting late at Myeongdong, getting crowded too

Yayyy! :)
Elephant, Hello Kitty haha so Jaejoong :D
Yummm :) KRW 10,000 for this package
got this as present from my ex. boss, and look at those free samples! <333
Strolling around again and trying to find dinner, and well I saw small restaurant in Myeongdong located at upstairs, I got myself warm Seaweed Udon (KRW 4,500) which is so yummy, I am starving and need something warm. I love the pickles haha, finished with my dinner I just heading straight back to hostel around 8 PM, anyway at Myeongdong was really fun, around 5 PM the small stall will get ready, so you can try so many variations of street food on the stall and it was really crowded. I want to try it but my condition was not that fit so I was thinking to heading back to hostel and get rest, too much running on the night before lol xDD better keep my condition for tomorrow.
2nd floor
Happy Dinner!
Stayed on guesthouse was really interesting for me, you may find new people, talking and get new friends, even I was alone but talking with someone there was really helping me and I never really think that I am alone, when you travel somewhere, my tips, don't ever pushing yourself too hard, like what I did today, I actually can push myself to do things in my itinerary but I might get sick on the first day and it will impact to the next days so I guess I made a good decision to go to guesthouse earlier. Anyway I'm warning you it would be another long post for South Korea! haha..but I really had a great time here and I also went to so many places, remembering my packed itinerary lol xDD plus my itinerary would slightly different than usual itinerary that you will find for Korean trip. Thank you for reading and really highly appreciated that, sorry I'm talking too much ><

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