Thursday, December 15, 2016

Korea 4/11 - A Beautiful Edelweiss Swiss Theme Park and Jade Garden

“You don’t have to be rich to travel well” 
– Eugene Fodor

Day 4 - Sunday, 23 Oct 2016

This early morning we got ready already to Cheongpyeong Station by subway from Hongdae Station, you will transfer to ITX line at Sangbong Station, left from guesthouse around 6.30 AM. It's a bit cold in the morning like that haha, since we might not get used to it. Today's trip gotta be 3 of us, another one is an old friend that I met in Jakarta 3 years ago, she is Korean, we will meet at Cheongpyeong Station at 09.10 AM. So happy that we will see each other again also we will travel together today :) We arrived too early on that morning, around 8.30 AM, waited for a while, and when we get off from ITX we already could feel the cold weather. 

Our destination is Edelweiss Swiss Theme Park in Gapyeong, Gyeonggido, it's outside Seoul and from the name you can guess, yess! we will feel like we are in the Switzerland and I kinda can't wait to experience it. Anyway I suggest you to bring some snacks or mineral water from Seoul since due to my experience, I would like to buy at convenience store that I found in Cheongpyeong Station, I found one but the stock in there was kinda empty haha, so well..just for anticipate ;p

We are going to take Free Shuttle Bus at 9.30 AM (they have schedule for it), so from Cheongpyeong station just look for Exit 2, and in front of station there is a bus stop, just wait there for the mini van yellow shuttle bus to Edelweiss Swiss Theme Park, it stated on the shuttle bus, journey took about 40 minutes. Not so many people took the shuttle bus. The view along the journey is nice to see, during the way we also chatted so much.
in Cheongpyeong Station
wait the Free Shuttle Bus there, in front of Cheongpyeong Station
Edelweiss Swiss Theme Park Free Shuttle Bus is coming :)
inside the shuttle bus
Arrive in Edelweiss Swiss Theme Park and it's just amazing! it is located in the middle of the hill, surrounded by beautiful scenery, ohhh I just love it too much. Go to ticket counter to buy your ticket, luckily we have our coupon book so we will get discount :) Admission Fee is KRW 10,000/person but we only need to pay KRW 7,000/person yay!

You will get a map for the theme park and I suggest you to follow the number on the map :) We plan to take shuttle bus back to Cheongpyeong Station at 12.00 so we have less than 2 hours there and I think it's enough. There was not too many people when we went there. Each building has their own themes, the color of buildings, architecture and here you can also learn more about Switzerland culture. 
The Entrance and you can feel like you're in Europe :p
my ticket :) KRW 10,000 >> KRW 7,000
Just follow the sequence from the Map to enjoy Edelweiss Swiss Theme Park, got this from their website
Some of the buildings are museums and usually they have of 2 floors, so after you explore the first floor you can go upstairs and explore and then there is always a way out there, you will find and see backyard which is always interesting for me to see that beautiful scenery. Some museums such as Swiss Chocolate Museum, Heidi Cheese Museum, Santa's Village, Thats Coffee Museum, Love etc. Don't forget to try the slide, it's not that slippery but totally fun! I also love Fountain Square, since it's autumn, the color of leaves were so lovely! 
everywhere there were so beautiful to take pictures
inside one of the museum
mostly the backyard of the house or museum will look like this <333
Aww..the Autumn is too pretty!
going up to 2nd floor inside Santa Village Musueum
Love Square
Bern Bear and put that Bern Bear head and have fun! lol xDD
happy sliding!! :)
While waiting for our shuttle bus, we were heading to cafe to get some drinks, from the discount coupon book we also get Disc 10% for drinks at Edelweiss Cafe. Then around 11.50 AM the shuttle bus there already, and left exactly at 12.00 PM, cool! Back to Cheongpyeong Station to our next destination, Jade Garden. So we heading to Gulbongsan Station (15 minutes from Cheongpyeong St) The shuttle bus to Jade Garden will stop right in front of Gulbongsan Station, there are 2 colors green and yellow, it's same but check the schedule before you get in or you can just ask the officer.

We will take 13.45 free shuttle bus to Jade Garden and at that time we starving, we kinda hope there is convenience store around Gulbongsan Station but nothing and there was one but closed. We tried ask the shuttle bus driver and he kinda gave us hope about a restaurant nearby station and took around 10 minutes by walking. We walked there and hope to find that restaurant but after 15 minutes walking there was no sign about any restaurant open, it's countryside and we decided to come back to station because we don't want to miss the next shuttle bus which is 13.45.
Free Shuttle Bus to Jade Garden in front of Gulbongsan St.
Wandering to find bit luck for lunch ^^;;
We go inside the shuttle bus to warm ourselves and thankfully I still have one onigiri that I bought yesterday, and we shared. At least we could have something even just a little bit to eat, that's why I suggest you to buy some snacks :D Then at 13.45 we left for Jade Garden. Journey took about 15 minutes to Jade Garden and when we finally there, I could feel the drama already haha. It's one of filming site for korean drama That Winter, the Wind blows by Song Hye Kyo and Jo In Sung. It's Song Hye Kyo's house in the drama :) Admission Fee is KRW 8,500, no discount coupon for this place. Our first question to the officer there is, where's the restaurant in here? since we famished :p

It's downpour and we waited a bit while eating our lunch with hope the rain will stop after we finished our meals. But the rain didn't stop so we decided to buy rain coat at souvenirs shop there, they sell umbrella and rain coat too, umbrella KRW 7,000 and rain coat KRW 2,000. So, I bought the rain coat and ready to explore the park :)
Do you spot someone there? Do you recognize where is it? What Scene? :D
inside the restaurant, starving! ohh finally we found food! haha
Thank you for your treats onni, sooo delicious lunch and nice chats!
got my raincoat there since it's raining hard, KRW 2,000/pcs
We got the map, and Jade Garden which has a theme called Small Europe in the Forest has 3 different walking courses that you can choose, A, B and C with 2 hours length for each course. There are different themes in each area which so interesting blend with nature like this, some tidy gardens with European-style, beautiful flowers, the changing colors leaves like everywhere at that time. We walked until the top and then go back with different path so we will explore the garden more. Apparently so many Korean drama or movie took this place to filming such as That Winter, the Wind Blows, You Are My Pet, Love Rain, Full House 2 etc.

Strolling about 2 hours in Jade Garden and took the shuttle bus at 16.10 back to Gulbongsan Station, I know it's kinda late already and we actually have another garden on our itinerary that day which is The Garden of Morning Calm. From Gulbongsan Station we heading back to Cheongpyeong Station, and walked to Cheongpyeong Bus Terminal following the map. It's already 5 PM and some people at terminal didn't recommend to go to Garden of Morning Calm due once you arrive there, it would be dark already and not really nice to see. So, we cancelled our destination and decided to go back to Seoul frpm Cheongpyeong Station to Express Bus Terminal Station.
apparently this swing is one of filming site of Korean drama and forgot what's drama
Nice shot! :) :) Thank youu! cr. Minsun onni
how lovely!! and yes, another filming site of Korean Drama
Minsun onni, me and Anggie
found this around Cheongpyeong Station along the way in rainy day
Next is Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain, stop at Express Bus Terminal Station, and along the underground you will see clothes, shoes, coats, make up and many more. It is well-known as underground shopping and the price is kind of same like Dongdaemun Market. So many good things to see down there, if you like shopping you might want to stay there longer, since it's really big. Clothes start from KRW 5,000, socks KRW 1,000 etc.

Walked from Subway Station to see Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain, there are schedule for it, for weekend 12.00, 19.30, 20.00, 20.30 and 21.00 and we saw it at 19.30 PM, near Banpo Bridge you can see Some Sevit building, the shape is really unique with some LED lights changing colors looks nice. For Banpo, hmmm.. too bad for me it's not that interesting, yes they played the song while playing with the fountains but it didn't show like on the pictures that I seen a lot. Maybe I should use professional camera to get good picture, well maybe.
Banpo Bridge, waiting for the fountain
Some Sevit Building
apparently it's on the other side so we acrossed the road
inside Express Bus Terminal Underground Shopping
From there we were heading to Myeongdong area, went to Kyobo Bookstore to buy some CD Album, and we strolling Cheongyecheon Stream until Myeongdong area. So many people selling snack on the street there, price range KRW 500 - 5,000, so packed! We went to some cosmetics shop around Myeongdong, try some snacks since we are starving and decided to have street food for our dinner. We were around Myeongdong until around 11 PM before heading back to Hongdae. It's really fun to stroll around Myeongdong, day and night :)
at Kyobo Bookstore
this remind me with Yoochun :D
Cheonggyecheon Stream at night
pretty rainbow :)
back to Myeongdong
Myeongdong at night :)
Orange juce anyone? KRW 4,000 quite pricey but refreshing
bought Sundae (Korean Sausage) there KRW 3,000
Arrive at Hongdae, hmmm we decided to explore Hongdae a little bit, and  I had another Tteokpoki (again) that night on the same place near Exit 8, which is across the Starbucks Hongdae, I love this Tteokpoki especially the one running by a couple of wife & husband, which is the first stall of Tteokpokki. I ate a lot in Korea especially at night >< I gain some weight ohh no! lol

Next post is Nami Island - Petite France - then off to Jeju and I have a suddened plan changed last minute :) Anyway if you need some information regarding Free Shuttle Bus for Edelweiss Swiss Theme Park, Jade Garden etc, please check my previous post.

Thank you very much for reading my blogpost! Any questions are welcome :)


  1. Hello, i had so much fun reading this section of your blog. I’m planning on visiting these places is summer, but i kinda had abit of dilema cause everything i read from google kinda pointing at nami island for the 1st starting point, and my friend sort of didnt want to visit nami island, cause it’s summer time and the tree got no leaves. XD. I read that your route is from edelweiz-jade garden-garden morning calm right? So my question is
    1. from edelweiz 15min shuttle bus to jade garden, then how long from jade to morning calm?
    2. Are all the shuttle bus that you use free?
    3. The 3place really took 1day?
    Sorry, i ask quite alot, cause i really exited for these places.
    Thank you in advance, (^∇^)

    1. Hello Hennesse,

      Thank you so much for your kind words! And if you're having fun reading it, happy to know it :)

      Initially I want to go to all those 3 but looks impossible at that time when I was waiting the bus to Garden of Morning Calm since it's almost dark already so I only went to 2 places for that day

      The answer :
      1. It's quite far and if you are depend on free shuttle, it's impossible to visit those 3 in one day, if you insist to Garden of Morning Calm, by the time you arrived there it's dark already so it's not worth it
      2. For Free Shuttle Bus only Edelweiss and Jade Garden
      3. Nope, only 2 by my experience

      Hope I answer your questions :)

      Thank you!


Any comments or questions are very welcome! but sorry I will delete for anyone who left backlink on the comment :) hope you understand! cheers!

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