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Korea 6/11 - Jeju Island : Teddy Bear Museum, Jeongbang Falls, Hwanguji Coast, Sangumburi Crater

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do."
- Mark Twain

Disneyland Bears *happy* :)
Day 6 – Tuesday, 25 Oct 2016
We were ready at 8 AM and the driver also ready to pick us up at Bus Stop right in front of Lotte Sauna. My friend already booked the driver through reference and she contacted to deal with him, we rented a taxi including driver who can speaks English. The Rent Taxi cost KRW150,000/day for 10 hours, including fuel, driver, and driver’s meals. His name is Mr. Kim Dong Cheol, got his business card and you may find on my pictures below.

Our first day in Jeju Island officially begin! :) we gave him our designated place for our 2 days there and based on his recommend, he told us to exchange tomorrow schedule for today, we said it’s okay, so today’s schedule is Exploring South Jeju Island. The service was awesome, he gave us each mineral water, provide Free WIFI inside the taxi and Jeju English Map.

We had a long bucket list in Jeju for that day, haha, since we knew we will have a driver so we kind of want to optimize it and had a great experience in Jeju. First stop is Teddy Bear Museum, this one usually Top 3 places to visit in Jeju for some people, especially since we knew this place is one of filming sites for Princess Hours Korean Drama back then, and that’s one of my reason to have this museum on my bucket list to Jeju. I browsed enough and during the way I was kind of focus on my google map in order to make sure I was heading to the right direction.

And well, bit mistake is happened, the driver took us to Teddy Bear & Safari (Teseum), I feel bit stranged when he enter that museum and bit insist if this is the Teddy Bear Museum that we want, but we said no, it’s not, the one that we want to visit is located inside Jungmun Resort, I also show him the map, and he said Ok..Ok..(phew…finally). That thing made his impression slightly down a bit for me. Because of that I am focusing more to see the map to avoid thing like this happen once again haha.

It took us around 40 minutes to arrive on the South area, Seogwipo to be exact, from the Sauna where located near airport. Arrive at Teddy Bear Museum, Jungmun Resort and the driver will help to buy the ticket, the good thing is he can get the local price for us, so we paid KRW 9,000 for admission fee Teddy Bear Museum instead of KRW 10,000. Yay, we can save a bit :)

Our driver told us where he will wait for us, so we go inside and explore Teddy Bear Museum! Feel so excited like since this place already on my wishlist years ago and finally I’m here! At that time I only went to Teddy Bear Museum at Namsan Tower but now I go to Teddy Bear Museum in Jeju, bigger than Namsan one, wohooo! There are some spots that can be visited in Teddy Bear Museum such as :
1. Gallery I (The History) – to appreciate rare antique bears, bears by various artist such as Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times, Snow White or the 100 year history of Teddy Bears all in one view 
2. Gallery II (The Art) – to appreciate famous art pieces recreated with Teddy Bears such as Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa or the most expensive Teddy Bear, Louis Vuitton Bear
3. Gallery Extra (B1) – you can enjoy special exhibitors which contents change regularly
4. Museum Shop – Stuffed Toys, Accessories, Souvenirs that you might want to buy, they also have some photo spots which sooo cute
5. Teddy’s Garden & Giant Bear – strolling around the garden with various Teddy Bear around and not forget to spot biggest 9m Teddy Bear
6. Elvis Shop & Theatre – going inside to enjoy music performance by Elvis Teddy Bear complete with the stage etc.

Titanic? hihi so cute
Awwww Mona Lisa Bear
Princess Hours! :)

We enjoyed our time there and I also spotted Teddy Bear on Princess Hours Korean Drama, so excited! but here I couldn’t find the big one like in Namsan Tower. At the Museum Shop and some spots which somehow I feel like similar like Madame Tussaud but in a different feeling :)
on the backyard of Teddy Bear Museum

Not far from there, our next place is located still inside Jungmun Resort called Cheonjeyeon Falls. Heading there directly within 5 minutes far. Admission Fee KRW 2,500 and as usual, the driver will inform us where he will wait for us.

The highlight of that waterfall was not that good, it didn’t working at that time T.T, so we didn’t feel something special about it, from there we passed the big bridge. It’s really high and sturdy, on the side you may see the great view.
Cheonjeyeon Falls

Heading to the next place, Jusangjeolii Cliffs/ Jungmun Lava, admission fee KRW 2,000. Jusangjeolli refers to a column shaped joint that commonly develops in basaltic rocks in a lava flow and consist of cracks that forming from contractions due to the rapid cooling of lava. The view is awesome, one thing that I like when travel around Jeju, you don’t need to make extra effort by walking from entrance to the main attraction because it’s really close. It was pretty crowded when we go there, the windy, the air, the view, I like it here. It was raining soon when we almost finished wander around.

feel the breeze and fresh air! <333

look that column, looks nice!

Make to another stop not far from there, on my list is Hwanguji Coast located nearby Oedolgae Rock, both are located in same area. This Hwanguji Coast probably not very common destination yet since based on some blogs that I read, people called it in different name, some named it natural swimming pool etc. I also need to write it in Korea, Hwanguji Haeanyeoldugul (황우지해안열두굴), so I can see the map and show it to the driver. Most people know Oedolgae Rocks better than Hwanguji Coast.

Downpour was not going to stop but we already prepared with our raincoat and the driver also provide umbrella, there were 2 umbrella and they let us to borrow it. So we walked out and going to Oedolgae Rock, the rock is not far from the entrance and it’s free to enter. The unique thing from the rock is it stands alone like number one with 20m heigh, apparently this one also one of filming sites of Daejanggeum, we kind of wait the rain in order to stop for a moment while my friend bought Jeju oranges from a lady, small orange but sweet and so delicious.
Oedolgae Rock

Rainy didn’t stop us to explore Jeju, from there we walked again to explore and find that Hwanguji Coast which initially our destination. Following the path and seeing beautiful scenery there and yeay rain is slowly stop and we found that Hwanguji, the location is not that common, there was no sign for Hwanguji Coast so I’m just guessing and I am guessing right when I found a place where it mentioned Hwang something and there is a path down through stairs, I went down and yay we found it!

It’s so unique to see that-so-called-Natural-Swimming-Pool, we saw 2 people are swimming there or maybe snorkeling. There were 2 pools, in different color, we didn’t look that closer because we satisfied enough to see from not so far away. In Jeju you will find so many oranges garden which I kinda regret didn’t have a chance to stop somewhere where I can see closer enough, I found there but small ones, actually there were many at there but you need to walk again to that area which is pretty far and need some effort and I choose to end it and heading to our next destination.

found this small orange tree :D
Apparently the Hwanguji Coast was more closer with where the taxi was parked, but we were heading to the different way to see Oedolgae Rock first. But it’s okay it’s look like we just made one round on that location and glad we did that so we could see Oedolgae Rock which actually not in my itinerary for that day.
The driver asked us if we are hungry already and we said YES! We are starving..since it’s late already for lunch and raining makes us more hunger :p Our driver took us to a Korean restaurant, it was a small restaurant and we ordered Fish, forgot what kind of fish and wow we got a big banchan (Banchan means side dishes in Korean), our meals looks festive and we ate right away and so delicious!

Not only because we were hungry but it’s really delicious :) totally love it and even asked more banchan, haha. We paid KRW 8,000/person which totally worth it and happy.
sooo delicious!! love it!!

Let’s heading to our next destination, Jeongbang Falls, another waterfall in Jeju, admission fee KRW 2,000. From entrance you need to get down through stairs, it’s not that far, took about 10-15 minutes to go down. Pretty crowded and it’s just a waterfall I think haha, I have this a lot in my country so not too impressed ;p actually next we have Cheonjiyeon Falls but we decided to skip waterfall and heading to the next place.

Jeongbang Falls close up :)

Me, Joice, Ranni & Wilda :)
Going to the east of Jeju, we will visit Seongeop Folk Village. This area consist of traditional house in Jeju. Our driver took us to an old man’s house and telling us, that man could speak English and will guide us into his house and it’s for free. We were amazed by that service, we met this old man and surprisingly he could speak Bahasa a bit, there might because lot of Indonesian coming there so he tried hard to speak another language when explaining things.

It’s really interesting to see and hear his stories, he said his house is getting famous because Daejanggeum took his house for shooting their drama and we were like Wowww daebakk…he sometimes gave a joke and such a well explanation, he has a pet, a black pig, hmm is it considered a pet? But he had it so maybe the end of his guide, he invited us to a small room and have a seat there.

He served us with this special tea that he made and have 5 different flavors. Each of us took a sip of that tea and after that he will ask us which one have a sweet taste, or sour taste etc because each taste has different meaning. Like sour means you were exhausted and you need to get a rest so on so on. Amazing, he said this tea is good for your health. He only sell this tea in one size which quite pricey for us. Some people will buy and it’s totally okay if you don’t want to buy. We were very thankful to Ahjussi for welcoming us at his humble house :)

Our last destination for that day was Sangumburi Crater (Sangumburi), admission Fee KRW 5,000 (our driver bought us the ticket, should be KRW 6,000) maybe because I went to Haneul Park already which filled with Eulalia Grass and I found it again in this place but much bigger. Eulalia Grass is everywhere in this place, we spent time longer in this place before heading back to our guesthouse.

In about 40 minutes drive from Sangum Crater, we arrived at our guesthouse around 6pm which is end of schedule of the taxi driver. We went to so many places for that day but we were extremely happy. We stayed at Goodstay Hostel Lyndon, Jeju Downtown Airport area. We choose this guesthouse based on references that I read. And I love this guesthouse :)

We rent a Family Bunk Room (4 people) with bathroom attached, AC, TV, hairdryer, towel, free WIFI and free breakfast etc. We love their service! I love staying in that guesthouse, so clean, neat and homey.
Our Driver on Jeju Island, thank you ahjussi :)

The Corridor

Our Room :)

with 4 bunk beds with bathroom attached

living room


Took a shower to relax, and at night we strolled around guesthouse. There were some area where so many shops or restaurant. We went there and wander around there, I even ate Odeng (KRW 500) and another Tteokpokki (KRW 2,500) at that night, it’s delicious but I’m still thinking the one at Hongdae is still the best of all. There we also stop by at cosmetic shop and buy couple things, sometimes the price is lower comparing with Seoul’s shop, it was a good deal and such a lovely day at Jeju.

They add an egg :) Tteokpokki KRW 2,500
Please look forward our Day 2 at Jeju and thank you very much for reading my blog. Merry Christmas 2016 everyone! Have a great time with your family! :)

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