Saturday, December 31, 2016

Korea 11/11 : Busan and Kuala Lumpur, First Experience trying Capsule Hotel at KLIA2

"Everything in life is temporary. So if things are going good, enjoy it because it won't last forever. And if things are going bad, don't worry. It can't last forever either"

Day 11 – Sunday, 30 October 2016
Early check out in the morning and heading to airport by subway, it’s not that far since it only took less than 30 minutes to Gimhae International Airport (KRW 1,700). My flight back to Jakarta was at 10.35 AM and transit in Kuala Lumpur. I had around 6 hours flight back to Kuala Lumpur at arrived there at 4 PM. Since my flight back to Jakarta is on the next day which is tomorrow at 8.25 AM so I had loooong time to wander around KLIA2.

What did I do to killing my time in Airport?
1. Wander around exploring KLIA2

2. Shopping, got good deal at Uniqlo and Vincci haha, T-shirt only for RM 15 and Shoes RM 69 for 2 shoes :)

3. Bought some chocolates and I love Beryl Chocolate so much from Malaysia so I bought some which so cheap only RM 4/pcs and some snacks

4. Had dinner at NZ Curry House, from arrival you need to go down one floor, located nearly bus locket, it’s really cheap in here, I had Nasi Lemak only for around RM 4

5. If you need to charge your phone, near the bus locket you can find some stop contact to charge your phone but make sure you bring your universal plug because it’s different with Indonesian.

6. FREE Wifi at KLIA2, you can use WIFI for FREE, even sometimes you need to reconnect WIFI since you can use in the limited period only. But as long as they have Free WIFI then it’s cool! 

7. Massage Chair, they provide massage chair at some spots including near bus locket, you need to insert the coin or money to be able to use massage chair

8. Snack time, haha I love Bubble Tea so I had one and sitting there for few hours away while browsing using Free Wifi

9. Chit chat with some traveller, I used Couchsurfing quite a lot especially when traveling and they have new feature which I used it already back then in Yogyakarta called Couchsurfing Hangouts and this time I got a new friend and we chatted for a while, it’s nice to talk with new people and you might got a new insight

Those are some tips that I can share to you and some suggestions that might useful for you. From there I decided to have a nice sleep for that night so I already booked hotel called Capsule By Container Hotel, haha can’t believe finally I tried Capsule Hotel not in Japan but in Malaysia instead kkk xDD. It’s RM 80/ night/ 6 hours, the hotel was not bad but sucks thing happened is when the public toilet in front of hotel is not working and I asked to use their toilet, they said I couldn’t and apparently only the guest who checked in already can use the toilet since it would need access card. And you can’t put your bags there before an hour or 30 minutes your check in time, so tight.

I checked in at 00.30 AM so I will have to check out at 6.30 AM, they will give you towel and access card, anyway you need to give deposit RM 50, no worries it’s refundable and you can get it back when check out. It was a nice experience to try Capsule Hotel. 

My flight back to Jakarta was kinda delayed for 2 hours so I arrived quite late at office. It was such a great journey in Korea and I would love to come back again, because I haven’t join any class that I am initially planning to so yeahh I need to go back :)

Thank you very much for reading my blog post, hope it would be useful for you when planning yours or you might interesting to visit some places that I’ve been to after reading my blog. See you very soon and have a great day!

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